All Good Things Come To An End. My Final Post On The Blog.

As the semester ends, I’m left with the decision of whether or not to continue the blog, and I’ve decided it’s time to end the blog.

I learned a lot while writing the blog.  I would get nervous asking a manager for an interview or to take videos of the bar towards the beginning of the blog, but now I’m completely comfortable doing it.  If anything, I found out they turned out to be the nicest ones in the bar.  Also, I feel like I’m somewhat of an expert at iMovie now.  Maybe not an expert, but I know way more about it than prior to the blog.  Even my audio editing has come a long way from my earlier posts.  

Without the blog, I would have never been to many of the bars I visited.  I’d never of shared some of the fun experiences with my friends or meet some really great people.  I’m happy I did it, but, like all good things, it’s time to move on to another topic.  Eventually, I’ll another topic, but as of now, I can’t think of anything.  


For my last and final post, I wanted to leave you with my 5 favorite posts on the blog:

Heritage Vineyard with friends – It was a perfect weather to hang out with friends on the benches outside.

MVP Sports Bar – This was probably the farthest bar I traveled to and it was well worth the drive.

Japanese BYOB  – My favorite BYOB restaurant.  Always fun bringing a bottle of sake.

PB’s Diner – It’s the go-to Bloody Mary spot.

Interviewing Alex  – My most popular post on an interview with a bar manager.  





Adam Zaluski



The 4 Reasons You Need To Visit Dominic’s Tavern in Bellmawr

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit Dominic’s Tavern in Bellmawr, NJ.  A couple of friends and I went for the second half of the Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors playoff game yesterday and it ended up being the best decision we could have made.  We got a perfect table in front of a TV showing the game, the beers were cheap and the wings were on-point.

Dominic’s Tavern – 100 East Browning Rd, Bellmawr, NJ 08031  –   (856) 931-4742


These are the four reasons you need to visit Dominic’s Tavern:  

The Wings –   Lately, almost all the bars I’ve been to have delicious wings, but none of them compare to the wings at Dominic’s Tavern.  They were serving wings for $5 all day, like they do every Sunday.  Initially, we were disappointed to find out that the special only covered one order of wings for $5, but once they arrived we couldn’t care less.  They were huge.  I was actually only able to eat nine, and I usually always eat a whole order of 10.  The wings were covered – yes, actually covered, not the little drops of sauce – with an exclusive Fat Daddy sauce.  It wasn’t too spicy, but definitely had some kick.   


Fat Daddy Wings

The Environment –   This place screams sports bar as soon as you walk in.  I’m pretty sure every seat, stool and standing space is in clear view of a TV.  The one’s on top of the bar are moderate sizes, but some of them along the walls are huge.  There’s even a projected screen in one of the sections.  Dominic’s is a Philadelphia team sports bar.  As soon the Phillie’s game was on, almost every TV changed to the channel.  When they scored a run, almost everyone inside cheered.  There’s two pool tables on the far side of the bar, where some people were playing while we were in there.  The tables looked nice, and of course, there were TV’s on the wall next to the tables.  

The Happy Hour / Specials –   Dominic’s Tavern’s happy hour specials are Monday to Saturday, from 4 – 7 p.m.  A lot of bars only have happy hour from Monday to Friday, so if you’re looking for some deals on a Saturday, then this is your place.  On the one day without happy hour, you can grab a $2.50 23oz Bud & Bud Light Draft, so don’t worry.  My friend decided to order the Triple Crown, a $4 whiskey cocktail, which tasted exactly like a jolly rancher.  He enjoyed it.  Once the Phillie’s game started, we realized there was a whole new set of specials during the games.  At this point, we’d drank enough, so we didn’t get anything else to drink, but my friend ordered the $1 hot dog – a worthy game special.  


The Triple Crown
(Notice the wings – those are the 911 wings – my friend was crying after three)

The Popcorn –   It’s hard to decide, but this might have been my favorite part about the bar.  In the back middle of the bar is a self-serve popcorn machine.  We’re sitting at a table, watching the game, and the guy next to us walks back with a bowl of popcorn.  Then, we realized almost everyone sitting at a table had a bowl of popcorn.  We were the only ones without it.  Unaware of how to go about getting the popcorn, my friend finally asked our waitress and she told us we could get as much as we want.  I’ve been to bars with nuts, but I can’t say I’ve seen popcorn.  Maybe I just haven’t been to enough bars, but regardless, I loved it.  Additionally, if you get the Fat Daddy wings, make sure to dunk the popcorn in the sauce.  It’s a great combination.  


At the end, I was able to speak with one of the three managers, Mark Gozzie.  First, we got to talk about the wild last minute finish of the NBA playoff game that just ended.  Then, I told him about the blog and how I really enjoyed my first time at Dominic’s.  He was busy, but able to answer a few questions before heading off to fill the popcorn machine.  






I Went To The Vineyard Instead Of The Bar During Happy Hour And I Don’t Regret It

Last weekend, when a couple of friends and I were driving down Mullica Hill Rd., we noticed at least a hundred people outside of Heritage Vineyards, drinking, sitting on benches and smoking cigars .  All week, we talked about wanting to go to the vineyard.  Usually, I’m out there searching for bars with good happy hour’s, but Friday’s weather called for a slightly different happy hour experience.

Glass of Wine

Even though we were at the vineyard from 3 – 6 p.m. – typical happy hour time – we quickly realized there was no happy hour once we walked in.  Regardless of the time, they have $5 wine tasting.

Instead of a hundred people, there were only two woman sitting on the bench enjoying a bottle of wine.  We read the tours are on Saturday, but figured some people would still be there.  I’ve been to packed bars during happy hour where I can’t even hear the person next to me because of how loud it is.  This was the complete opposite and I liked it.  We all did.

I highly suggest you check out this vineyard next time you’re thinking about going out for a couple of drinks with friends or on a date.  We got the Merlot.  It was $25 dollars and supplied us with four hefty glasses of wine.

Among the friends with me, was my friends, Dylan Matcovich.  For a few years now, Matcovich works at Wegmans Liquor Store, where he constantly works with wine tasting and wine events.  They sell Heritage’s wines at the liquor store, but he hasn’t tried all of them.

Dylan Matcovich, Adam Zaluski, Ted Moke, Brandon Goldhecht (from left to right)

Dylan Matcovich, Adam Zaluski, Ted Moke, Brandon Goldhecht (from left to right)

Dylan had this to say about the vineyard:



The 4 Bars I Need To Go To In The Next Year

Bars are like papers in college.  Just when you think you’ve done every paper, a professor tells you there’s another.  That’s how I felt about all the bars I’ve visited in South Jersey, until a friend told me about another.  Then, another friend told me about another.  Four friends later, I realized there are many more bars out there that I haven’t visited.  I may not have visited them yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  I intend on visiting these next four bars by the end of the year.


I’ve heard great things about this bar.  Apparently, you don’t want to miss out on a Thursday there.  If you end up making it past happy hour you get to catch a DJ at the end of the night.  Even if you don’t make it to the night, its happy hour from 3 – 7 is worth checking out for the $2 beer bottles.


  • House of Brews – 3501 Black Horse Pike, Turnersville, NJ 08012 – (856) 318 1261

I actually have no idea how I haven’t been here yet.  More than one friend has told me about this place.  There’s over 20 beers on draft here – 24 to be exact.  You have to come here on a Wednesday if you want to do it right.  You’re probably waiting to see when the happy hour is.  It’s all day!  All throughout Wednesday you can grab a $3 Dogfish draft or a $2 Yuengling.  I recommend getting there after 6 p.m. so you can eat some 1/2 off wings with your beer.


There’s a good chance you’ve already been to an Ott’s if you’re from South Jersey, but incase you’re like me, then let me tell you about it.  This bar will finally give you a reason to like Monday’s.  I hate Monday’s and even I think I’d be a happy guy if I went to Ott’s on a Monday.  When you’re drinking your $3 Bud or Bud Light 23oz draft, order yourself some tacos.  They’re $1!  How could you pass up $1 tacos and cheap beer?


You may have noticed that the other bars I’ve mentioned all have a day that I suggest going to.  This one’s different.  I encourage you to go any day of the week with this one.  The happy hour specials are awesome everyday, Monday through Friday.  Get to this bar between 4 – 7 p.m. and you are guaranteed to have a good time no matter what type of drinker you are.  Liquor drinker?  Grab a $3 U Call It.  Big beer drinker?  Grab a $2.50 Domestic bottle or draft.  There’s something for everyone.  I haven’t even mentioned the food specials that go along with the drinks yet.  There’s over 10 different things you can order on special, such as $4.50 Bang Bong Shrimp and $4 Mozzarella Sticks.



The bars I’ve been to so far. South Jersey bars here and there.

So, I’ve been to a couple of bars since I created the blog.  I’ve had good times, bad times and a couple of drunk times (maybe more than a couple).  Lucky for you, we’ve got to share those times, somewhat, through this blog.  I’ve told you what you have to order and what I wouldn’t get again if you payed me.  I just wanted to throw up a map of the places I’ve been to so far incase there was one you haven’t been to yet.  Most are close to Glassboro, some literally in Glassboro, but some you’ve got to travel to get to.  Remember, pirates had to travel across giant bodies of water to get to a treasure chest.  All you have to do is drive a couple of minutes for your treasure.  




Branch out of Glassboro and go to MVP Sports Bar in Vineland, New Jersey. I recommend it and interviewed another college student that recommends it.



Normally, I don’t have enough gas in my car’s tank to journey out and find a new bar outside of Glassboro, but this time my tank was full.  After driving for about 20 minutes South, two friends and I found myself walking into MVP Sports Bar in Vineland, New Jersey. 


I completely recommend going to this bar.  Yeah, it wasn’t the 2 minute walk to Landmark, but once you were actually inside, you realized the drive was worth it.  And, it really was.  Huge televisions and a pool table surrounded the tables and bar at the edge of the room.  I know the environment is key, but what really matters is the drink specials.  $8 for a pitcher of Magic Hat and $2.50 pints of Miller Lite.  I’ll be sure to head back to MVP Sports Bar and if you haven’t been there yet, make it a priority on your to-do list.

John Cuneo is a senior at Rowan University from Burgeon County, New Jersey.  Like many Rowan students, he’s only been to the local bars in Glassboro, but this time decided to come along and try something new. This is what Cuneo had to say about the bar.





Sometimes the greatest bars are hidden. Glassboro’s bowling alley has one of the greatest pre-game bars and you probably don’t even know about it.

Sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough options in Glassboro when I want to go out with my friends.  There’s the infamous Landmark Americana.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it.  There’s Ceaser’s, which I just recently found out doesn’t even have a working bar unless it’s football season.  Then there’s PB’s, which is always a good time, but realistically, how many times can you go to the same place?  

This weekend I tried something different.

My friends told me about a bar hidden within the walls of Kegler’s Bowling Alley.  At first I was skeptical about going because it’s a bowling alley, but once inside the bowling alley, inside the bar’s doors, it felt like I wasn’t even at a bowling alley.  There’s a pool table in one corner of the bar and a bunch of tables set up in the middle.  In the other corner, there’s a hard-wood dance floor, which had two fold-out tables set up with cups for beer pong.

We came specially on a Friday because some other friends told us about their “Beat-The-Clock” special on Fridays.  Starting at 8 p.m., drafts are only $0.25, and every half hour they increase by a quarter.  Obviously, being the cheap college students we are, we arrived at 8 p.m. sharp.  The bar was pretty empty when we walked in, so we each decided to order four Keystone Lights and wait to see if anyone would show up.  Within the first half hour, a healthy amount of college students came into the bar.  Eventually trips to the bartender turned into larger orders.  

It was a refreshing change of scenery and an overall good time with friends.  I was surprised how rowdy we were able to get playing beer pong and flip cup at the tables.  Once it reached 10 p.m., the crowd started realizing it wasn’t worth it paying $1 for a cup of Keystone Light.  I was apart of that crowd.  

As we walked to Landmark (of course) I realized that Kegler’s Bar is probably the greatest pre-game bar hardly known in Glassboro.  I wouldn’t imagine beginning my night anywhere else next Friday night.